myūto life

myūto was born out of our love for simplicity.

  • Philosophy

    myūto recognizes that in our progressively loud, fast-paced world, there is a need to keep up–with the latest shoes, the latest clothes, and the latest trends. We aim to mute the noise and be your safe space. When you wear myūto, we not only want you to look good and feel good, but we also want you to feel a sense of relief, against the noise and the constant worry of needing to keep up.

    myūto is “life-wear made simple”

  • Design

    In line with our philosophy, our collections are designed with effortless, muted sophistication at their core. Pieces you can wear whenever, wherever, and with whatever you are wearing. They are never intended to be loud, instead they are meant to be a comfortable compliment to your own style. 

    A carefree choice, your go-to companion for life's adventures.

  • Materials & Construction

    myūto’s pieces need to stand the test of time, after all, companions are supposed to be there through the good times and bad. The perfect material that embodies this is genuine leather. Over the years they develop a patina–from a light pink hue to a rich whiskey brown–much like a good friend, myūto’s pieces age with you.

    Using enduring techniques, our Marikina sapateros carefully craft our pieces to ensure they will be there for you life-long.